What Exactly is a “Holocaust”??

Are you aware of the Biblical definition of the word, “holocaust”?

Are you aware that a form of the word, “holocaust”, is found in several European Bible translations?

Strong’s #5930 {`olah,  o-law’} = “usually a holocaust (as going up in smoke):–ascent, burnt offering (sacrifice).”

As to the Biblical “burnt offering” and the ‘law of first mention’ in the Scriptures, of the Hebrew word, ‘olah’  {Strong’s #5930} — Consider the following passages —

Genesis 8:20-21 And Noah builded an altar unto the LORD; and took of every clean beast, and of every clean fowl, and offered burnt offerings {‘olah’} on the altar. 21 And the LORD smelled a sweet savour; and the LORD said in his heart, I will not again curse the ground any more for man’s sake; for the imagination of man’s heart is evil from his youth; neither will I again smite any more every thing living, as I have done. ~ (King James Version)

Genesis 8:20 ¶ Y edificó Noé un altar á Jehová y tomó de todo animal limpio y de toda ave limpia, y ofreció holocausto en el altar. ~ Spanish (Spanish Reina Velera)

Genesis 8:20 ¶ Noé bâtit un autel à l’Éternel; il prit de toutes les bêtes pures et de tous les oiseaux purs, et il offrit des holocaustes sur l’autel. ~ French (Louis Segond French Version -1910)

Genesis 8:20 Edificou Noé um altar ao Senhor; e tomou de todo animal limpo e de toda ave limpa, e ofereceu holocaustos sobre o altar. ~ Portuguese (Portuguese Almeida Atualizada)

Genesis 8:20 ¶ E Noè edificò un altare al Signore; e prese d’ogni specie di animali mondi, e d’ogni specie di uccelli mondi, ed offerse olocausti sopra l’altare. ~ Italian (Italian Giovanni Diodati Bibbia – 1649)

Now, let’s consider the next time & place that this word is used in Scripture — see: Genesis chapter 22

Genesis 22:8 And Abraham said, My son, God will provide himself a lamb for a burnt offering {‘olah’}: so they went both of them together. (KJV)

Genesis 22:8 Y respondió Abraham: Dios se proveerá de cordero para el holocausto, hijo mío. E iban juntos. ~Spanish (SRV)

Genesis 22:8 Abraham répondit: Mon fils, Dieu se pourvoira lui-même de l’agneau pour l’holocauste. Et ils marchèrent tous deux ensemble. ~ French (LSV-1910)

Genesis 22:8 Respondeu Abraão: Deus proverá para si o cordeiro para o holocausto, meu filho. E os dois iam caminhando juntos. ~ Portuguese (PortAA)

Genesis 22:8 Ed Abrahamo disse: Figliuol mio, Iddio si provvederà d’agnello per l’olocausto. Ed essi se ne andarono amendue insieme. ~ Italian (ItalGDB -1649)

Now, we Bible-believers agree that Jesus Christ was the prophetic “provide[d] lamb for a burnt offering (Genesis 22; Exodus 12:8-10; 1Corinthians. 5:7)… And, as we see (above) in these other translated Bibles (languages of Europe) that the burnt offering” is translated as holocaust”…!!!  

Jesus =’burnt offering’; The Lamb of God is the “holocaust“!

Doesn’t it seem more than just a ‘coincidence’ that a certain group of people (mainly of Europe) would substitute the very term that describes the Sacrifice of the true “Lamb of God”, for their own definition of a “holocaust”?? …Satan is the master counterfeiter, and he has seen fit to remove the Biblical definition of the word “holocaust” = (the “burnt offering” of Christ) from our minds, and he has replaced it with an account that promotes guilt & sympathy for a Christ-rejecting people!

Which “holocaust” is more important? Which one has eternal ramifications?    Now, if a Christian/believer happens to believe incorrectly about some of the facts concerning a “modern day holocaust”— they will still go to heaven.  However, if one is wrong about God’s genuine “holocaust” (Jesus Christ), Who was sacrificed for all of mankind, almost 2,000 years ago, then, that person will go to an eternal hell!

“So there was fire on the altar to burn up that sacrifice. Oh, it surely must mean Jesus bearing our sin, the torments of Hell for it, too.”

“Notice here also that all the pieces of the sacrifice were all burned up. It was not a partial sacrifice that Jesus made. That is why when the passover lamb was sacrificed, it was eaten at only one meal. If there was any left it was burned, because we take Jesus only once as Savior. Only one time we are born of God, and given a new heart and taken into the family, then we are God’s children forever. So, then, Jesus one time and forever paid this whole debt and there need be no more. So it is all burned here.” (page 122-123)

“Christ in the Old Testament” – John R. Rice – {Chapter 3 – “Christ in the Tabernacle, Priesthood, and Offerings”} –  IV. Christ the Burnt-Offering – page 115-124 – Sword of the Lord Publishers, 1969


“Yad Vashem Museum” – main building (notice anything odd?)

When I visited Israel in 2015, we were taken to the Yad Vashem Museum – the ‘Holocaust’ Museum, in Israel (see appendix D of my book)… This museum was obviously designed to be more than just a place to ‘remember the dead’… Its “new age” architecture is full of symbolism— Complete with a “giant altar” made of “uncut” stone, representing the “burnt offering! (see Exodus 20:24-25; Deuteronomy 27:5-6; Joshua 8:30-31)

Israel Trip 2015 171 Israel Trip 2015 166

(As seen in these pictures of their “altar of burnt sacrifice”) The Zionists have literally substituted (replaced) God’s provided “holocaust”, for one of their own!  It is they who deny the “holocaust”— of Christ — our Passover Lamb!

Yad_Vashem_BW_5epa03635672 US President Barack Obama lays a wreath at the Hall of Remembrance during his visit to the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial museum commemorating the six million Jews killed by the Nazis during World War II, on March 22, 2013 in Jerusalem, Israel. EPA/Uriel Sinai

…And, so, comparatively speaking, the modern day “holocaust” is a “decoy” of Satan— when compared to the True “holocaust” of the Lamb of God, in the Scriptures! To afford the Jews their own substitution of Christ for anything else, is the worst form of “anti-Semitism” that one can commit. To appease them with any other substitute, is to damn them to hell.  I refuse to be guilty of “loving them to death”… Like all other people, they too, must be born again” (as their first birth is NOT good enough)… Like all others, they must come to God, through Jesus Christ, alone (John 14:6).

Today, any arguments about the “holocaust” should not focus so much on the details of the “facts vs. fiction of the 1940’s”, as it should be about Satan replacing the Sacrifice (“Holocaust”= burnt offering) of the Biblical Christ of 2,000 years ago, for someone else! (And, to “replace Christ” is “antichrist“!)

-Pastor Matt Furse

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