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  1. Dear Pastor Furse
    I would like to thank you for your appreciated ministry and encourage you to proceed in order to open the eyes of many persons – for our unique hope is in Jesus Christ.
    Indeed, we tryed to order your book “Why is Israel?” but unfortunately it is not available by Amazon.
    Some months ago I read an article by Roger Hathaway: “Sacred Name of God? or Blasphemy?” where he explains that the name Yahweh is of pagan origin and states that a supposed agreement between Jewish Masoretes and the Roman Catholic Church in 1000 AD changed the name of God in the Hebrew Old Testament via tetragrammaton. The question is occupying me whether this assertion is true or not? Can you help me and give me your answer? Thank you very much and God bless you! Renate Jakob

  2. It was a great event in my life, to be able to give my testimony as a USS Liberty survivor on Veteran’s Day this year, at Mountainview Baptist. Pastor Furse did so much in making my testimony an easy thing to do. In other interviews I have had to explain the attack in detail, and that put an extra added strain upon me. As the Petty Officer in Charge of the body recovery after the attack, it had traumatized me for many years, and to this day still does. Pastor Furse relieved me of that burden by providing a video of the attack, and so when the video was over, it became quite easy for me to testify as to the Power of God on that day. Taking that burden off me, was such an unselfish act, I was overwhelmed by it. God saved the USS Liberty on June 8, 1967, and I know he saved my life. I have been directed to the right people so many times, and I know it is by Divine Intervention. Great things will happen to a church that tells the truth, and stands by it. That will happen at Mountainview Baptist, I am sure of it. What will happen and how, will be overwhelming. I have no idea what it will be.

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