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Resources relevant to the question ~ Who is Israel? :

Watch this simple, yet Biblical, 14 minute video explanation! (original source unaffiliated)

The Apostle Paul as the Great Whistleblower against the Jewish religion

According to Promise – C. H. Spurgeon (pp 5-9, 105-106)

“Who is Your Momma?”

John Hagee, the Scofield Bible, and “Israel”

The Bible is Not a Jewish Book

Jesus in the Talmud

Judaism in it’s Own Words

Judaism’s Strange gods

The “Six Genders” of Judaism???

Israeli TV show mocking the Lord Jesus Christ (warning: Lewd)

Restoring Israel – Is there Scriptural Evidence for a Prophesied Return?

Scofield – the Man & the Myth

Why I left Scofieldism – W.E. Cox

Dispensationalism Exposed

The Praise of Folly: The Enigmatic Life & Theology of CI Scofield

David Lutzweiler

Anti-Semitism & the Babylonian Connection

Biblical Insights into God’s Chosen Children

The Sin of Worshipping the land of Israel

The Fourth Reich of the Rich

Conspiracy of the Six-Pointed Star

DNA Science & the Jew

DNA vs. Racism (Is a “pure race” even possible???)

Israel’s identity

Satan’s Counterfeit Israel

Jews are saved without Believing in Jesus Christ??

Blackstone Intelligence

YouTube removed our video account, on August 5, 2019. (NOTE— our channel was NOT what they claim it was!) This is nothing more than a suppression of Free Speech & the TRUTH!

The Powerful Influence that “Israel” has in America:

President Joe Biden’s Cabinet looks like a “Jewish Who’s Who” ~ The Forward News (January 2021)

US pledges $3.3 Billion Dollars to Israel ($23,000 per family)

Does Israel interfere in American elections? (Lew Rockwell)

The Missing FOX NEWS report (2001) of Israeli Spies on 9-11

The ‘New World Order’ was Pledged to Whom???

US Supreme Court Evidence

If Americans Knew 

J. Vernon McGee – 1982  (2Kings 23:29)

General Wesley Clark reveals Pentagon’s War Plans

Friends of Israel Defense Forces raises Millions for IDF

The Balfour Declaration & World War I

The Power of the Israeli Lobby (Ruling the World by Proxy)

Yes, the Israel Lobby really does Drive our Policies

Is the “Shekinah glory” revered in your church?

Lord Rothschild: “My Family Helped in the Creation of Israel”

Total Control of the United States – Jewish Lobby

“The Zionist Occupied Government of America”


Who is behind Gun Control?

The International Jew – Henry Ford

Hollywood & the Jews who’ve owned it

Who Controls the White house?

Who is Jared Kushner?

Will Jared Kushner deliver the “Peace Covenant”???

Chuck Schumer & Barack Obama

Who benefited the Most from 9-11? 

The “Israelification” of the United States

The Man Behind the ISIS Curtain

The “Mossad” (by an ex-Mossad officer)

How Israel Rules the World of Cyber-Security

Do YOU support these people?

Do we “manufacture” threats (false flag terrorism/”crisis initiation”) in order to start “just” Wars??? … Just WHO would benefit the MOST from a War with Iran??? Certainly NOT the Americans or the Iranians!

Will a perceived “hate speech” & “anti-Semitism” bring America’s “Bill of Rights” to an end?

Communism executed their citizens for “anti-Semitism” – Why? (They certainly did NOT protect the Christians!)

Putin says that 85% of the Bolshevik Revolution were Jewish

The Bolshevik Revolution – a Russian Tragedy

Why would someone infamous, like Joseph Stalin, be opposed specifically to “anti-Semitism”?

Eventually, criticism of Israel will be illegal, world-wide!

Someone has gained control of the United States… and soon, the entire Globe

Has Israel effectively Colonized the United States?

The Kingpins behind International Financial Scams (“binary options”)

“Gaza – the Broken Hearted”    (If Americans Knew)

Israel to Eavesdrop on world citizens

The Great Challenge: Israel

Filthy “anti-christs” – Who Pushes this Immorality???

The Pope visits the “altar of burnt offering” in Jerusalem

Who Occupies America’s Government?

The Day Israel Attacked America {military.com}

Sacrificing Liberty {Tru-History}

USS Liberty – Dead in the Water {BBC Documentary 2002}

How did Christians become Zionists?

US government spent $$$$$$$$ on fake Al-Qaeda propaganda videos

Israel Entity in GeoPoliticsAlert

Is there a “Jewish Agenda” in the Syrian War?

Israel’s history of False Flag Operations

The Washington Times – September 10, 2001 – The Mossad

Lawsuit Seeks Answers on Five Israeli Men Arrested on 9/11

The Confusion & Corruption that comes from misunderstanding “Israel” :

A young Jewish woman explains what your packaged Media won’t tell you!

Burying the Nakba evidence from 1948

Who packages your News?

Propaganda & the Results of it

James Perloff on Christian Zionism & the New World Order

What Scofield’s Bible did for the Middle East

John Hagee, the Scofield Bible, and Israel

Do you agree with Sam Gipp? …Is Jesus Christ NOT your Messiah, too?

Christian Zionism: The Tragedy

“We (Jews) go to Heaven, You (Palestinians) go to Hell”

The Debauchery of Jewish influence in Berlin, in the 1920’s-1930’s

“Brother Nathanael” videos

Pastor Matt Furse discusses his book: “Who is Israel?”

A pastor exposes a Counterfeit Temple; a Counterfeit Israel

Fundamentalism’s Bloody Homeland for Jews

A pastor explains “Scripture Twisting”

A pastor explains many Baptist’s dispensational hypocrisy

A pastor explains some of his “Holocaust” questions

A pastor explains his “Muslim Problem”

Pastor Alex Awad: East Jerusalem Baptist Church – an eyewitness of Palestinian issues

Pastor Alex Awad: Has the Church Replaced Israel to the negation of Israel?

Pastor Alex Awad: An Open Letter of Forgiveness & Admonition to the British Prime Minister

Pastor Alex Awad chastises Pastor John Hagee (& all of the modern American Evangelicals)

Israel is certainly the Most Unique country in the World…

Beware of DNA testing! (WHO owns these companies?)

WHY are Christians supporting War & Terror?








 “Harvey Weinstein is God” ~ Meryl Streep, 2012 

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