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Matt Furse is the pastor of the Mountainview Baptist Church, in Custer, South Dakota. Matt is the son of a former pastor, and he himself, has been serving as a pastor for over 25 years. Although the subject of “Israel” and “end time events” are both very important issues to Pastor Furse, nothing is as important as his top priorities to both his immediate family, and his church family. Visit the church’s website to see what he really spends most of his time doing!

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Matt has also recorded a professional music CD. {Click on the CD cover to learn more about it.}

Pastor Matt Furse’s trip to Israel, January 2015

Listed Below, are several positive comments sent to Pastor Furse, from various people who have Recently read “Who is Israel?”  ~

“Well Done.” ~ Harvey (posted on Amazon.com)

“Pastor Matt Furse has tackled a tough question and answered it based on scripture. The ‘Two Peoples of God’ doctrine of modern Dispensational Theology has come to dominate much of the evangelical Church in America. Many of those sitting in the pews have no idea that John Nelson Darby brought the doctrine here about the time of the Civil War. Pastor Furse has shown that according to Galatians chapter 3, the promise made to Abraham was made to Christ, and that Christians inherit the promise through Christ.
“Also, in Romans 9:8 the Apostle Paul reveals the difference between Israel of the flesh and Israel of the promise. This book reveals that only one of these Israels inherits eternal life, through faith in Jesus Christ. If we truly love the Jewish people, they need to hear the Gospel now.” ~ Donna  (posted on Amazon.com)

“Just finished the book. Great work!  Some may consider the info as extreme, but they are fixed to their theology and not the Bible. I want to go over it with you some time… I just needed to finish a first reading before our schedule gets out of control next week… Thanks for the book, again. God bless!” ~ Missionary in South America

“Matt, Received “Who is Israel” yesterday and have read half so far…fantastic read :). I believe the modern, self-styled Jew and all their baggage are dug in like ticks in the back of America and nothing short of God’s intervention will remedy the circumstance. However, that being said, American “Christianity” is perhaps reaping what they’ve sown? … I was a victim of that mindset for probably 10 years…” ~ Mike S. in Ohio

“Pastor Matt Furse, at one time I was a deacon in a conservative Bible Church. After I discovered that what we were hearing in Sunday School did not match up with what was in my Bible, I decided to find out who and when this teaching began. What I found shocked me and I wondered why our pastors were not telling us the origin of John Darby’s doctrine. I produced a YouTube video titled “Genesis of Dispensational Theology” that shows the origin of the Two Peoples of God doctrine. I am almost finished with a book which is related to yours, based on what I heard today on YouTube, during your interview with Texe Marrs. If you will give me an email address, I will send you the Rough Draft of the book for your review.” ~ Yours in Christ, Joe T.

“I am reading your book Who Is Israel? which I received yesterday from Texe Marrs’ ministry; not quite through with it yet, but it is so powerful I’ve had to walk away from it many times. This may be THE BOOK that will deliver Christian Zionists from their error and open their eyes. I emailed you yesterday to ask what bulk prices are for copies of Who Is Israel?… Thank you!” ~ Sincerely, Mary L. in North Carolina

“WOW… I’m reading it now in my ‘spare time’… lol!  Most enlightening. Thanks for being willing to think outside the box.” ~ Evangelist in Missouri

“Dear Pastor Matt Furse,

Thanks for your book! It a wealth of information on a subject that most US citizens know very little about. Many Christians follow the teachings of dispensationalists and Christian Zionists with the assumption that these teachings are Biblical Truth.  Your style is clear, focused and easy to read. You have done a lot of research. I wish your book can be used in Bible Colleges and Seminaries to educate future church leaders of America and Canada.” ~ Pastor Alex Awad (East Jerusalem Baptist Church – Palestine)

“Christian greetings to you, Pastor Matt from a brother in the Lord, in Kenya. Your book called WHO IS ISRAEL? arrived immediately to me … Thank you so much. Truly, you, had been inspired and guided by the Holy Spirit as you were writing this book. This excellent book written with Solomonic wisdom and boldness, and is well researched, thought provoking, accurate and well thought out. Every error you have exposed, there is a supportive evidence to back it up by using relevant reference from King James Version of the Bible. If the book is read with humbleness and sober mind, it acts as a hammer that breaks and pierces the hard heart which reaches the soul and spirit to shed God’s light to the dark mind … driving out ignorance and confusion. For example; the confusion that the Jews who live in Israel today are said to be “the chosen people of God” has been corrected. The biblical truth is that the chosen people of God are born again Christians (1Peter2:9 -10). They are the ones whom Jesus told that when He went back to heaven He would build mansions for. (John 14:1-4), and He will return to collect them and take them to heaven with Him. (Matt 25:31-40). In this powerful and wonderful book WHO IS ISRAEL?, you have brought “gabion” to correct the great “gulley” of spiritual erosion that is happening to all mankind including the church that has sped up the formation of New World Order of the Antichrist. All those behind the New World Order are regarded as “goats” by Jesus Christ (Matt 25:41-46).  They are often very rich, most powerful, and disobedient to the truth of God’s Word, and are the rulers in high places.  They are regarded as anti-Christs, and the majority who support these evils also promote and finance the New World Order. I, therefore, now strongly recommend that your book WHO IS ISRAEL? be used in conferences by world leaders, in seminars, in institutions of lower, middle and higher learning, in Bible colleges, universities, libraries, in law courts, by researchers, but most of all by the men who call themselves the shepherds of the flock of Jesus Christ who stand in Christian pulpits today.  But we know that the New World Order will not allow such a book in many of these places.  Many churches won’t either. Your book is also valuable to help to bring a stop to the endless Palestinian-verses-Israel wars, since the book has a well-researched historical background as to who owns the land in question. The book can be used to create born again peace “makers” who are the true “chosen people of God” to help along, not only as peace “keepers” as the UN says we are to be, but Christians “peace makers” who can help resolve conflicts in different parts of the world.  You cannot be a “peace keeper” if you first haven’t been a “peace maker”. It is my prayer that the Holy Spirit will give the readers a sober mind to open the hearts of many to help them get out of darkness, and to stop those thinking to join their colleagues already in darkness because of lack of understanding. I finally pray, as a black pastor in Africa, to ask God to touch the heart of brother Pastor Matt Furse to give him strength and finance to come and preach this same message to the people of Kenya. Zionism is preached everywhere here so pastors are being paid to go to Israel to be indoctrinated.”

“Sincerely in Christ; Bishop Dan ~ Kenya.”

Dear Brother Matt,
“Greetings from a fellow brother in the Lord…”
I heard you interviewed on the (Radio interview) and purchased your book, and have read it 3 times (second time with a highlighter). I could not be more pleased that a pastor of any denomination would write such a book!  Thank you & thank you!  Finally a pastor who has broken ranks from the deceiving Zionist movement that has so penetrated the minds & hearts of so-called Christians all over the world— which has resulted in the murder of the Palestinians— men women, & children of which 50% are Christians—our brother and sisters in the Lord.  I know that Zionism, Communism, Socialism, and Judaism are all one in the same, with different faces, but from the same body called, Jews!  … I read what you’ve simply pointed out from the New Testament about who Israel really is, and it is so clear, yet millions of people are so deceived…”
“I stand with you Brother Matt, and I think there has to be more out there that do, and will stand with you!
God Bless you Brother Matt!  And thanks again for writing your very important book that should be read by every Christian & preacher in our country, now!”
~ Arlan, a servant of the Most High

“Great book. Well written and well backed with both the Bible and secular sources.” ~ South Dakotan (posted from Amazon.com)

“Thank you Pastor Furse for this book. It is an eye opener to me. I went to this Scofield orientated Bible college. Reading through your book really opens my heart to the truth. Thank you thank you thank you.” ~ Abraham A——– (Nigeria)

A Recent Email Message: “I love your comments on ‘marching to zion’, which I just watched on youtube, it help put my mind at rest that GOD Almighty continues to work in our mist through Pastors who stand firm in defense of CHRIST JESUS our LORD and SAVIOR. In spite of others who fly the flag of unbelievers in their mist and use words that are not in the HOLY BIBLE. May GOD continue to WALK with YOU always. Amen” ~ Michael L.

 “Best book on the topic I’ve ever read. I’ve read it twice.” – Garrett C.

More Comments From Amazon.com ~

“Pastor Matt Furse wrote an excellent, clear, Biblically-sound book debunking Dispensationalism and Zionism, exposing Jewish fables and the treachery and terrorism of the so-called “chosen people” (most of whom ironically do not even believe in the Old Testament or the God of the Bible), and revealing who is the true Israel and who are the true Jews: the Christians. I found it encouraging and solidly founded upon reason, Biblical and secular records, and fact. May the Lord continue to bless him and his ministry.”  ~ Troy V.

“It’s both sad and amazing that there are such a number of Christian doctrinal beliefs that are in so much error, confusion and ignorance when we are supposed to be walking in and led by Truth, especially the shepherds over God’s flocks…talk about twisted! But when you realize the deceiver is working overtime, since his time is short, it all makes sense as to WHY. To understand the HOW and what IS Biblically correct, use this excellent valuable research book (with helpful footnotes) written easily to be understood, that will help you break out of certain church deceptions pertaining to who really are the true biblical seed of Abraham? The biblical true Israel and who are they? Is the term “judeo-christian” biblical? What about dispensationalism? Also, the secrets as to how these errors even got into the church through a popular Bible’s “opinionated” notes and who was behind it, as well as bringing discernment to better understand who really is mystery Babylon and the whore in Revelation, and so much more is in here. We don’t have to be dumb sheep following group-thought ignorance anymore. Why would Jesus even have to say the “Truth will set you free?” Because He knew we would be born into the lies and believers would be buying into it without question. Also, Jesus mentioned about deceptions that would deceive the very elect if it could (and it is), and Paul also, about the great falling away from the faith was definitely going to occur. Let’s stop believing what we are told to believe, and be accountable to search out the scriptures and not be ignorant of God’s Word any longer, so we can run the race strong to the end and not get tripped up along the way. This book, with its Godly insight, Biblical revelations with the scripture passages to back it up, using discernment to expose the lies is a God-send for such a time as this! I strongly recommend this book to you to finally be set free in understanding more of the big picture, and see things from God’s perspective for a change…a change desperately needed!” ~ David K.

“This book is without a doubt the best book on the subject today on Who is Israel? The book, of course is mainly talking about the Israel of God which has nothing to do with the national or political Israel (with the help Christian Zionists) who are preparing Jerusalem and the Temple for their messiah … who is not Jesus Christ. How the evangelical church ever got the idea that people who hated Jesus and said that they would not have this man rule over us, were true Israelites is hard to understand. Converting to Judaism does not make you a blood Jew, nor a Jew at all. In Romans 2:29, Apostle Paul, was a Jewish Pharisee but became a convert to Jesus Christ says, “But he is a Jew, which is one inwardly; and circumcision is that of the heart, in the spirit, and not in the letter; whose praise is not of men, but of God.” If a man in the Christian pulpit doesn’t understand who the chosen people of God are, it is time he studied this book as the author proves who the Israel of God is by use of both Old and New Testament scripture. TODAY is the day of salvation for BOTH the Jew and the Gentile. The work of salvation was finished on the cross for all mankind at the same time when Jesus said, “IT IS FINISHED.” If you haven’t bought this book yet, please do. It will bless your heart over and over again when you discover that you can also be one of the “chosen people of God” , if you aren’t already.” ~ Pat in Canada

“This is the most important book ever written on the subject of Israel—period. No other book so thoroughly analyzes exactly what Israel is by New Testament definition. This book is a must read for every Christian regardless of denomination. Is Israel a geographic location? Is Israel a group of people that call themselves Jews? Is Israel something else? Sadly many people believe they can answer those questions, but fall short of Biblical accuracy. Start reading this book today.”  ~ anonymous Amazon customer

“One of the best written books about the TRUE Israel! If anyone will take the time to actually read it, the truth of the Bible will be seen throughout this book. It will make anyone stop and think about the subject of the end times and how the physical Israel will definitely play a major role during this time, but not the way that most Christians have been taught. You must read this book, if you are a Christian and want to know the truth! ~ David W.

“This book should be in the hands of EVERY member of CONGRESS and all ministers! It is EXCELLENT!!!!” ~ Charles P.

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  1. Hello Pastor Matt,

    I want to purchase your book “Who is Israel?” however, I cannot purchase it through your website because you do not have a Canadian address link. Your book also can not be shipped through Amazon to Canada.

    Please let me know if you can send me your book to purchase for Canada shipping.

    Yours Truly,

    Mardee Xamin

    • Hello… Thank you for wanting to read the book! I’m sorry that it is so difficult for those of you in foreign countries to obtain a copy. However, you still may purchase a copy, but it will cost you extra shipping. I’m not positive of the shipping rates to Canada, but if you will send me your Canadian mailing address, then I will ask our local Post Office to calculate the shipping rate for you. The cost will be $20 US, plus the CA shipping cost. – M.FURSE

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