The Attack on the USS Liberty

“I own a couple of copies (of the book, Who is Israel?) already, with plans to send them to other pastors, and within my own association. I have already placed this book in a pastor’s hands right here in my own home town. I think it behooves all of us, to spread this word, and guess what, it even checks out with what the Bible says. That would be the King James, of course. We have already cleaned our house, and a couple of Bibles had to go.”
– Ron Kukal, USS Liberty survivor

Most Americans have never even heard of the USS Liberty — let alone know what happened to her and her crew… But, once you have, your American blood will begin to boil!!!

Pastor & Author, Matt Furse, with USS Liberty survivor, Ronald G. Kukal. (Fall 2018)

Dear Sir:

“I am a survivor of the deliberate attack on the USS Liberty, June 8, 1967 during the Six Day War. I think dual citizenship has a lot to do with the reason that the surviving crew cannot get the U.S. Government to look at our “War Crimes Report”. This is an act by the Israeli Defense Force that has never been investigated by Congress. There was a Naval Board of Inquiry and it was found by that board that the attack was an accident. If you will look on the USS LIberty web site you will find that former Captain Ward Boston who was the counsel for the board has made a statement that he was forced to make the outcome appear to be an accident and that Robert McNamara and LBJ forced him into doing just that. We have not been able to get even a Congressional Investigation into this attack because we are being stopped by those in our government with what I believe to have dual citizenship. Having a high position in our government and maintaining dual citizenship is wrong, and no one should be allowed to do this if they can’t give their complete loyality to one country.”

Ronald G. Kukal – + +

“June 8, 1967.

We did not save ourselves, we did not. God did, by His grace and mercy”

– Ron Kukal

USS Liberty  survivor

NOT simply  “4 Killed” by “mistake” — 34 were Murdered, and over 170 were wounded!!!

4 thoughts on “The Attack on the USS Liberty

  1. I cannot help but reply to this fine group of articles. I wish, oh how I wish, I could have five minutes to address this whole nation. I would make it short, and sweet, and I would tell them, there is no way the USS Liberty should have survived the deliberate attack on June 8, 1967.
    God sent a message to this whole world, on June 8, 1967. The message was simple. If the so called chosen could not sink the USS Liberty on that fateful day, then why would it not go down? It is incredibly simple my fellow country men, it was not his will that we go to the bottom, but it was his will that we stay afloat, and be that remnant that will never let the truth die.

    • Thank you for your service to your Country, Ron. And, Praise God, you lived thru that attack— not only to tell the truth, but more importantly, that you later discovered the Truth of the Gospel, and came to Christ to receive His salvation, for yourself! …”For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.” (Romans 6:23)

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