Who is Israel?
Who is Israel? What is a Jew? Where is Jerusalem?:
A Biblical Mandate for Prophetic Reformation in the New Millennium

Ecclesiology determines eschatology. All three major systems of eschatology--premillennialism, postmillennialism, and amillennialism--derive their conclusions based upon how they answer these questions: Who is Israel? What is a Jew?" and "Where is Jerusalem?"

Book Description

The title of this book raises the critical interpretive questions, “Who is Israel? What is a Jew? Where is Jerusalem?” The content answers these questions through an exhaustive analysis of the key passages in both the Old and New Testaments. Hermeneutically, the book advocates two essential interpretative keys to understanding biblical ecclesiology and eschatology: first, an interpretive paradigm demanding that the interpretation of the terms “Israel,” “Jew,” and “Jerusalem” be subject, not to historic or obvious definitions of the terms, but rather to the Apostolic definitions of these terms in the New Testament; secondly, an interpretive paradigm demanding that one’s understanding of Old Testament prophecy be subjected to Messianic and Apostolic authority; in other words, one should not look to popular or even scholarly expositions and interpretations of prophecy but rather to the Messianic and Apostlic interpretations of Old Testament prophecy.

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