What about G. Campbell Morgan?

G. Campbell Morgan – Minister, Author, Evangelist

For most of his life G. Campbell Morgan taught the dispensational view on Israel and the Jews, but towards the end of his life he changed his views on the relationship of Israel and The Church —

In 1943, two years before he passed to be with the Lord, G. Campbell Morgan wrote to a correspondent concerning the union of Israel and the church:

“I am quite convinced that all the promises made to Israel are found, are finding, and will find, their perfect fulfillment in the church. It is true that in time past, in my expositions, I gave a definite place to Israel in the purposes of God. I have now come to the conviction, as I have just said, that it is the new and spiritual Israel that is intended.”  

(Letter to Rev. H. F. Wright, New Brunswick, Victoria)

–From A New Heaven and a New Earth, Archibald Hughes, Presbyterian and Reformed Press, Box 185, Nutley, N.J.)


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  1. George Campbell Morgan was not a BMorgan was an ordained Congregationalist minister with rather indifferent views on water baptism.

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