Steven Anderson & the “Marching to Zion” DVD

 Pastor Matt Furse has been studying Eschatology for over twenty-five years. Almost a decade ago, he stumbled across a DVD documentary that was about to be released, entitled, “After the Tribulation”. Although Matt did not agree with the entire documentary, he was pleased with the solid emphasis on the King James Bible, as well as the over-all concept and quality of the DVD. It was certainly the first of its kind.

In the summer of 2013, Pastor Furse’s family happened to be vacationing in Arizona, and he made it a point to visit one of the producers of this DVD, Steven Anderson. The Furses attended a Wednesday night church service at the Faithful Word Baptist Church, pastored by Steven Anderson. Afterwards, both pastors visited about their views on end time events, as well as their differences in some of the details. Pastor Furse told Pastor Anderson that, “…the (Pre-Trib; Post Trib) debate will never be resolved until we first answer the question, ‘Who is Israel?’…”  Although they cordially disagreed on some of the details of “Post-Trib, Pre-Wrath” events, Pastor Furse left, with the feeling that they held a mutual respect concerning the subject of Eschatology & Zionism.

M2ZLess than a year later [2014], Pastor Anderson called Pastor Furse and asked him if he would like to be interviewed for their new documentary, “Marching to Zion”Pastor Furse agreed to the interview, and then met with the other producer, Paul Wittenberger, and eventually, “M2Z”  was produced.

Both Pastor Matt Furse and Pastor Steven Anderson are independent Baptist pastors. The word “independent” means just that— independent.  Neither man answers to the other, nor do they “pastor” each other. They both claim to love the King James Bible, and they both demonstrate a desire to win the lost. It is certain that they do not agree about everything, and yet, they don’t have to, either. One day, both pastors will have to give an account of themselves, to the Lord (Hebrews 13:17).

Yet, another “Independent Baptist”, itinerant preacher, by the name of Sam Gipp, has tried to refute the “Post-Trib, Pre-Wrath”, end-times theology that both Pastors Furse & Anderson have agreed on.  After M2Z was produced, Gipp made a foolish video of himself (in a nursery setting) attempting to refute the M2Z documentary. In Gipp’s video, one can clearly see that he is using a well-worn Scofield Reference Bible, as his defense. Sadly, somewhere along the lines of “standing for the Truth”, certain individuals have exchanged the King James Bible for their “pet theology” doctrines and practices (and, in this case, Scofield’s added notes.) Click here to read more about Pastor Furse’s unfavorable commentary on Sam Gipp.

Pastor Furse desires to preach the Truth, and he appreciates anyone who will boldly take a stand for the Truth, and say what others will not say.  For far too long, too many, so-called, “Independent Baptists” have done nothing but copy each other’s doctrine, instead of researching the Scriptures, for themselves! For this reason, Pastor Furse was grateful for the M2Z video that Anderson & Wittenberger had produced. However, since 2013-2014, it has been made known that Pastor Anderson has done and said some things publicly (& over the internet) that Pastor Furse CANNOT agree with… However, this does NOT change Matt Furse’s attitude towards the M2Z video, itself. The general information and argument presented in the Marching to Zion documentary still stands on its own, and it still must be addressed.

As a Bible-believing-Baptist, being “independent” does not mean that one must belong to a denomination of politically correct, “Independent Baptists”… It simply means that one is independent


Pastor Furse spells “independent” with a lower case, ‘i’… (It’s an adjective, and NOT a Denomination.)